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2015 Rates & Reservation Requests
Call now for reservations: (724) 924-2415

Rose Point Park offers a wide range of rental units and campsites, accommodating everything from tents to the largest of RV’s. Make your request for a rental or campsite that fits your needs and we will do our best to accommodate. Reservations are recommended. Reservations are accepted with a 2 night minimum. Reservations may be made up to 1 year in advance with a deposit. Remember to ask about our weekday discount vacation packages!

Weekly Discount Packages
Sunday - Monday check-ins - pay for 3 days, get the 4th day Free!
Ask about special weekday discounts at area attractions.

All Rates Based upon 2 Adults.

Daily Weekly Monthly
Base Rate
No Hook-ups
$30.00 $180.00 -

Beautiful wooded tenting area, mostly shaded, some open.
Located near restrooms and recreation facilities.
Central water faucet, picnic table and fire ring on each site.

Water & Electric
15 amp Electric & Water
$35.00 $210.00 -

Water & Electric Sites are level, grassy and spacious.
Most are located along a tree line with babbling brook.
Picnic table and fire ring on each site. Restrooms and recreation facilities are nearby.

Full Hookup
30 amp Electric, Water & Sewer
$40.00 $240.00 $725.00
(July $750.00)

All full hook-up sites have gravel pads, picnic table and fire ring.

Full Hookup
50 amp Electric, Water & Sewer
$45.00 $270.00 $800.00
(July $850.00)

All full hook-up sites have gravel pads, picnic table and fire ring.

Full Hookup Pull-Thru
50 amp Electric, Water & Sewer
$45.00 $270.00 -

All pull-thru sites are large enough to accommodate a 40' unit, plus a tow vehicle.
All full hook-up sites have gravel pads, picnic table and fire ring.

Weekly Rate
Pay for six days - 7th day is Free!

Happy Camper Club
Camp with us 10 nights April thru September 3, get a Free weekend in September.

Stay & Play Vacation Packages
Check out our new packages for big savings.

Surprise Discounts Posted on Our Facebook Page
Be sure to like us so you don’t miss out!

Spring and Fall Savings
20% Spring Discounts and 10% Fall Discounts.

Weekday Discount Packages
Sunday - Monday check-ins - pay for 3 days, get the 4th day Free!
Ask about special weekday discounts at area attractions.

* Holiday/Special Weekends
Holidays require a 3 day reservation, paid in advance.
Holiday/Special Rate – Add $5.00/day.

Additional Fees

Daily Weekly Monthly
Add'l Campers
Children (ages 5 - 18)



Children (ages 5 - 18)

$3.00 (day) / $4.00 (overnight)
$6.00 (day) / $8.00 (overnight)
Offsite Storage - - $35.00
Trailer Spotting Fee $10 Round Trip (on & off site)

Seasonal Sites
Yearly Rate (12 months for 2 adults): $2,300.00 plus metered electric.
Add $10.00 for each child and $50.00 for each additional adult.
Limited facilities during winter months.

Rental Accommodations
Credit Card Security Deposit and Minimum Stay Required
June 15 - August 15 require 3-night reservation on rentals.
(Linen package available for additional fee.)
Rentals are available for 3 season use only: April - October.

Luxury Family Lodge w/ satellite TV * *
The newest addition to our rental options, the Luxury Family Lodges offer beautiful accommodation all on one floor. You’ll have sleeping for 7 with a queen bed in the master bedroom plus a double bed and three singles in a second bedroom. There is a full bathroom, the kitchen is fully equipped and the living room has a flat screen TV w/ satellite service. For outdoor enjoyment you’ll find a large wooden deck w/ table and chairs, charcoal grill, a fire ring and a picnic table are in the yard just off the deck.
$150.00 per night (for two adults)
* Sorry, no pets.

Luxury Log Cabins w/ satellite TV *
This cozy log cabin is just right for a Great Escape! Families can rough it easy in a spacious 16' x 30' log cabin, with a fully furnished living room, kitchen, private bedroom with a Queen bed, full bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, plus a large loft with 2 double beds for the kids. Our log cabin is ideal for a long weekend or extended stay.
$150.00 per night (for two adults)
* Sorry, no pets.

Brookside Log Cabins w/ satellite TV *
The Charm of a Log Cabin with all the Comforts of Home - Families will be quite comfortable in these spacious 14' x 32' log cabins, with a fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room, separate bedroom, full bathroom, air conditioning, satellite flat screen TV, plus a large loft with 2 double beds for the kids. The Brookside Log Cabins are the perfect place for a quick get-a-way or a vacation retreat!
$135.00 per night (for two adults)
* $25.00 fee for pets.

Yurts w/ satellite TV *
Combine a geodesic dome with a luxury safari tent for this vacation retreat. Fully-equipped with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and satellite flat screen TV, you’ll find our yurts have all the Comforts of Home, complete with deck, charcoal grill, fire ring and picnic table.
$95.00 per night (for two adults)
* $25.00 fee for pets.

Modern Cabin *
Our cabins are perfect for a family! Sleeping for 6, with 2 double beds and 2 single bunks. The room is totally finished and has a stove top, refrigerator, sink, table and chairs. A picnic table and fire ring are just outside your door for easy outdoor cooking. Cabins are air-conditioned and have bathroom facilities.
$85.00 per night (for two adults)
* $25.00 fee for pets.

Please note: A picnic table, charcoal grill and fire ring are just outside your door for easy enjoyment of a campfire. All rental units are equipped with a microwave oven, coffee maker, cookware, dishes and table utensils. Linens are not provided; however, bedding packages are available upon request for a nominal fee.

Camp Site Deposit / Refund Policy
All reservations require a one night deposit. Holidays to be paid in full.
A $10.00 handling fee will be charged to all cancellations.
A refund will be given to cancellations made at least 14 days in advance.

Rental Unit Deposit / Refund Policy
All reservations require a 50% deposit. Holidays to be paid in full.
A $25.00 handling fee will be charged to all cancellations.
A refund will be given to cancellations made at least 30 days in advance.

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Reservation Request
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You may use the following on-line form in order to request a reservation at Rose Point Park. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within 24 hours. You may also phone for a reservation, at (724) 924-2415.

Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until the availability of space has been confirmed and the appropriate deposit has been paid. If space is not available for the date(s) requested, we will convey our regrets. If space is available, we will contact you to obtain the necessary reservation deposit. (We request a 50% deposit for all non-holiday camping. Holiday weekends require a 3 night minimum reservation, paid in full in advance.) For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. Please be aware that you do not have a confirmed reservation until your deposit has been processed. To avoid disappointment, reservations should be made well in advance of your expected visit.

If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us during normal business hours. Please remember that you do not have a final reservation until your deposit has been processed and authorized.

We thank you for choosing Rose Point Park … and we look forward to your visit!

(Three-night minimum on Holiday weekends.)
Please see Rules Page regarding Pets.
Site Preferences:
Camp Site Deposit / Refund Policy: All reservations require a one night deposit. Holidays to be paid in full. A $10.00 handling fee will be charged to all cancellations. A refund will be given to cancellations made at least 14 days in advance.
Rental Unit Deposit / Refund Policy: All reservations require a 50% deposit. Holidays to be paid in full. A $25.00 handling fee will be charged to all cancellations. A refund will be given to cancellations made at least 30 days in advance.
By submitting this reservation request, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and fully accept the rules and policies outlined on the Rules Page and the Deposit & Cancellation Policies above.
If you do not receive our reply within 24 hours, please check your spam filter!
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Rose Point Park Cabins & Camping, 8775 Old US 422, New Castle, PA 16101